We, The Millennials are…less religious

David Masci, in an article interviewing Michael Hout, investigates why Millennials seem to be less religious than the generations that came before them.  The article talks about the overall trend of religion being practiced less than it was in the past, however, Millennials  seem to be much less religious than every one else.

As an atheist I was not overly shocked to see this trend.  I feel like religion is more freely talked about and not going to church is more accepted than it used to be.  Still there have been times when I have shared with someone that I am not a religious person, and there is palpable awkwardness.  I have never tried to convince someone to not be religious, but I won’t shy away from a debate about it given the opportunity.

There have been people in my life, from older generations, whom have suggested that I will be religious when I am old, or when I have children of my own.  To me, and many of my friends, there is nothing wrong with being an atheist and its not something to “grow out of”.  The same way that other people can blindly believe that there is a God, I can calmly believe that there is not one.

To hear more on what I have to say about Millennials and the declining religion trend, follow We, the Millennials.


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