Simon Sinek, in an interview with IQ Millennial Question, explains exactly what it wrong with the Millennial generation.  We have heard it all before, so this interview may not seem like anything new, but I highly encourage you to watch it, in particular if you ARE a Millennial.   I highly agree with Simon and his take on why Millennials are often not happy.

One major takeaway from this video is the lack of patience in the Mil gen.  Now, I am not a self loathing Millennial, but Simon talks a lot about Millennials getting frustrated when we aren’t making a difference at work.  I completely see that! I have started with companies and really wanted to make a difference and my happiness at work burns out too fast because I am just a cog in the machine.

I need that feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day, I want to see my efforts make a difference for a company.  I send email blasts for the company that I work for (among other things). Every Monday the analytics for these email blasts are sent out company wide and very rarely am I in the “Top Three” based on open rates and click through rates.

The divisions who are in the top three send their email blasts to a couple hundred people, maybe a thousand.  I send mine to between 30 and 50 thousand.  I sometimes get open rates in the 25-35% which is huge, but not making it on that top three kills me a little each week.

We, the Millennials strive for that difference making experience.  It could be saving the environment, helping people or animals, or simply making the top three on a silly email blast, but not making that difference effects us in a different way than other generations.

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