The Millennial and The CXO

Business Plan CommunicationIt’s first important for me to say that this blog is purely speculative and I have no statistics to back it up…yet. The role of Chief Experience Office (CXO) has grow more and more popular with companies over the past few decades and I feel that this is a direct result of the Millennial population coming of age.

If you don’t know what a CXO is, the position is based around improving the lives of a companies customers. These customers include actual customers as well as the internal relationships such as employees, vendors and suppliers.  Millennials are driving the need for these types of positions because we, the Millennials, are more persistent about what we want.

Millennials may be called entitled, but we are driving change, and the industries and companies that do not meet Millennials needs are not doing well and will continue to not do well since Millennials are one of the largest buying powers around the globe and being as Gen Z is very similar to Millennials, these changes will continue.

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