We, The Millennials, Go To School

Millennials are constantly told that going to college is a waste of money.  Especially if you are going for something that you really want to go for and not something that you hate.  I personally love the business world, and I went to college for business, which should have a great future to it right? Well surprisingly, I have gotten more jobs since I graduated with my B.S., in Graphic Design.  I am completely self taught in graphic design, but I am fairly good at it.

Now, some people think that I am making their point, but I am not.  At all of the places that I have been hired they have hired me because of my degree, despite the fact that I was not always using my degree.  They wanted a person who is smart, diligent and able to work hard.  A college degree often proves that, especially if your boss has a degree. If I went to college for Art History, there are plenty of jobs that I could get in museums, as a teacher, or various other professions.  However, I could also get a job in another field because I didn’t just learn about Art History in school.

For many people, especially those who didn’t go to school, this idea is lost on them.  They think that since they made it in this world without school, we can do the same.  The bottom line is that the facts of life have changed.  We can no longer graduate and own a house, or work a part time job and pay for housing and college.

Comparing the past to the present isn’t always as simple as yes it is the same or no it isn’t, there are many variables that effect how a person today is living compared to those of the past.  However, it is very clear that the current generation and the working climate are not the same as 30 to 40 years ago.

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