Why Are We, The Millennials, Self Deprecating?

On June 26, 2017 Statista released a short article by Martin Armstrong titled War of the Words: Millennials vs. Baby Boomers. This article highlights one of my major disappointments in my generation: Self Deprecation.

This article is very important because one of the topics discussed is how Millennials are in agreement with the negative stereo-types thrust upon us while we are still young and figuring out life.  In my first blog post I talk about how I often felt lazy and entitled even when working more than one job and going to school.  These words that seem like simple descriptions have made almost half a generation to believe that they are materialistic; more than a third to believe that they are selfish and a third to believe that their own generation is lazy.

I must keep good company because I do not know a single person in my generation who does not work out of laziness.  I don’t feel that many of my friends are selfish and I don’t think that we, the Millennials, are materialistic. In fact, there have been many articles that say that Millennials would rather spend money on experiences rather than things.  Yet, we continue to buy into our own self deprecation because we hear it early and often!

I wish more Millennials knew themselves and had the confidence in our generation that I do.  Just because we have grown up with more luxury than generations before us, does not mean that we are a “bad” generation. We continue to make huge leaps and bounds despite being chained down by hatred.


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