Millennials and Social Responsibility

Millennials are constantly in the news for killing industries brands and products.  To many this is an easy way to criticize the younger generation and talk as though this is a flaw that the generation has, but that is not the case.  Generation Y likes to ask “What?” as in, “what are you doing for your community, the environment, and the future?”

We drive the need for change, both in ourselves and in the companies that we work for.  I think this is a fundamental importance in the Millennial generation that is largely overlooked by other generations.  Managers that do not understand this will never be able to lead Millennials.  Many companies aren’t able to keep Millennials as consumers or as employees, and they blame Millennials rather than searching further for what they need and want.

In an article by Danielle Sabrina, she discusses the importance of social responsibility and the way Millennials are driving that change.  Millennials will search out products online to avoid shopping through companies that don’t support their moral compass.  While this might be frustrating for companies who have expected their consumers to fall into the normal line of how things have been done in the past, we, the Millennials, are not going to fall into this line without asking some questions, and companies who aren’t meeting our standards are quickly added to a “No” list.

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