We, the Millennials, confront our problems

At my job, I would with many Boomers and Gen X-ers.  I have heard many conversations surrounding Millennials and their negative aspects.  Being as I am one of two Millennials that work at our division, I am not surprised.  They stand around and talk poorly about me while I work away.

Well, when confronted with these conversations, I simply state my opinion calmly and collectively and let them take it the way they wish.  I am often told that I am the exception to the Millennial rule. I must keep good company because to me most Millennials are like me and not like the “rule”.

Either way, I will have this conversation with anyone, anywhere to combat the negativity that is seen towards our generation.  Millennials stand up for their beliefs and are told that they whine nonstop.  We confront people who have an opposing opinion, and not to start confrontation, but to start a conversation.

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