Millennial Dream Jobs

At a family BBQ, I got into a very heated discussion with my dad, sister and her boyfriend about the fact that Millennials do not fit the stereo types that are laid out before them.

My dad has owned a general construction company  for more than 25 years.  He builds beautiful homes that I am in awe of.  He argues that construction is dead because young people no longer want to work as hard as the generations before them.  Well I disagree with that because my significant other works for PG&E and there are a line of young men and women waiting to get into that company. So what’s the difference? My dads company doesn’t offer the benefits that PG&E does.  For example, it’s not unionized, he doesn’t offer PTO (to my knowledge), and there is no retirement plan set forth.

You can absolutely go out and get a construction job and make a decent living, but can you then retire, or take vacation and afford it, or have a healthy work life balance? not necessarily, and we need more.  Millennials had just entered the working world when the recession hit.  We want that stability in a job that our parents never demanded.  We want to have a job, no matter the line of work, that gives us the benefits that allow us to not work ourselves to death, and we, the Millennials, want to be able to retire.

Growing up I saw my dad work extremely hard for everything that he gave us, there is no question about that.  I feel that both of my parents have tremendous work ethic and I have definitely benefited from growing up in that life.  However, I don’t think its a bad thing that we saw how hard our parents worked and that we now demand a better work life balance. Issues are supposed to improve as time goes on and we are not going to be let these issues control our working life, so the work environment has to change.

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