Millennial’s Parents

My biological parents have never been together*.  When I think back on my elementary school days, I only remember one or two of my friends parents still being married.  Divorce was an every day occurrence while I was growing up and I have to imagine that it was that way for most Millennials. As I moved on to high school and college even fewer of my friends parents were still together.

Parents being divorced often has a life long effect on their children.  For Millennials, the fact that the vast majority of parents were divorced, effected how we live our lives. Millennials are being married later and later in life, many Millennials have no desire to have children, and apparently we also cheat less than our parents did. In an article written by Jennifer Wright, she discusses why Millennials cheat less than their parents did.   I see the next headline being “Millennials have killed cheating”.

But in all seriousness, the relationship of our parents has had a life long effect on how we live our lives.  It has changed the way we date, the amount of time we wait before marriage, and whether or not we want to bring a child into the world when there is so little certainty about the shelf-life of any marriage. This may continue to be a trend which could have effects on the population, and the future of the institution of marriage as a whole.


*The dad that I often refer to in my blog is not my biological father, but a step father who has been in my life for a long time and is a very important part of my life.

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