Ageism is the Worst

We have an epidemic in this country of the two largest generations hating each other.  Boomer’s and Millennials have been at each others throats for years, but the problem doesn’t seem to be going away.  This problem seems to be the worst in the workplace despite the fact that companies tend to do their best when there is a broad diversity of employees working for the company.

This issue is reaching further than simply hurting someones feelings, it is effecting the productivity in the work place by employees avoiding working with other employees because of their age.  Last week I was in a meeting with four other employees, all of them older than I, but I get along with all quite well.  We were going through a generational study of the types of homes are being purchased by what groups.

Now, it is no secret that Millennials live with their parents longer than any generation in the past.  It was brought up many times that Millennials are spending all of their money and not saving it while living with their parents.  I laughed it off as I always do, but these comments, build the divide between the generations.  I am one of two Millennials that work for my division and I genuinely believe that they like me and feel that I do a great job.


I hope that in the future people understand that carrying these feelings, these bad stereotypes, about younger or older generations, are doing nothing but building toxic feelings between the generations.  We need to build more cohesive relationships with other generations to improve the working relationships with one another.

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