How political are Millennials?

Every year there is a report released called the Millennial Impact Report.  This report studies one aspect of Millennials lives over the course of a year and reports its findings in a very non-bias way.  In 2016, the report looked into the political faction of Millennials lives and the findings are interesting. The Huffington Post summarize the report and their findings which can be found here.

The report uses the definition of Millennials being born between 1980-2000, which in my opinion is a little generous, I typically define Millennials to be 1984-1998.  This report is interesting to be for a few reasons.  I refuse to use the terms Republican or Democrat to define people, so I will stick to liberal and conservative.

The study showed that the older Millennials were more conservative than the younger and that the male Millennials were more conservative than the females.  Now if this isn’t shocking you, then you have a tendency to pay attention to the world around you.  In every generation, the younger and the women are more liberal than their counterparts.  Millennials got a lot of flack for their part in the 2016 election.  Why? well that’s somewhat unclear.  We held our beliefs pretty strongly, but we did not show up to vote in the numbers that we should have.  This should mean that we fit in perfectly with the rest of the country, but instead, we became outcasts.

My point to this is that we need to stop attacking people based on their generation.  Politically and religiously, we tend to fit in with the rest of the nation, yet we are made to stand out for doing so.  We, the Millennials, are people that were raised by this society, and now society does not like the outcome. Grow up, that’s what we are trying to do.

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