Kill ’em with Kindness

We all want to combat the negative stereotypes laid out before us.  For instance, I am dating an older gent who makes a pretty penny and I do not want to be known as a gold digger, so I work harder than I might otherwise and feel that I have to bring in my own money in order to prove people wrong.

Millennials are no different.  We don’t want to be known for the stereotypes that people label us with, so we try very hard to not be these negative things.  We don’t want to be known as lazy so we do everything we can to be active and do as much as we can.  Often times that leads to us being called entitled multi-taskers because we feel like we should be making a decent wage for the work we are doing.  There is a vicious cycle of never ending stereotypes. When you to try overcompensate for one, you end up creating another.


Now, obviously this doesn’t just go for Millennials, this is everyone.  So how do you combat the negative stereotypes that are present in your life? You don’t! No, seriously, as hard as it is, being the best you is the best way to fight against those who will put you down no matter what you are doing.  You will end up being so angry about what people think of you, that you will never reach your full potential because you have to output too much energy to make other people happy.

We, the Millennials, are trying so hard to work against the people talking badly about us that we may never reach the potential that we could if we stopped caring and started doing.  We need to show the world that we are here to stay, we are larger than any other generation and we will continue to destroy businesses and industries that don’t work with us.

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