How political are Millennials?

Every year there is a report released called the Millennial Impact Report.  This report studies one aspect of Millennials lives over the course of a year and reports its findings in a very non-bias way.  In 2016, the report looked into the political faction of Millennials lives and the findings are interesting. The Huffington Post […]

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Kill ’em with Kindness

We all want to combat the negative stereotypes laid out before us.  For instance, I am dating an older gent who makes a pretty penny and I do not want to be known as a gold digger, so I work harder than I might otherwise and feel that I have to bring in my own […]

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Ageism is the Worst

We have an epidemic in this country of the two largest generations hating each other.  Boomer’s and Millennials have been at each others throats for years, but the problem doesn’t seem to be going away.  This problem seems to be the worst in the workplace despite the fact that companies tend to do their best […]

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Millennial’s Parents

My biological parents have never been together*.  When I think back on my elementary school days, I only remember one or two of my friends parents still being married.  Divorce was an every day occurrence while I was growing up and I have to imagine that it was that way for most Millennials. As I […]

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Millennial Dream Jobs

At a family BBQ, I got into a very heated discussion with my dad, sister and her boyfriend about the fact that Millennials do not fit the stereo types that are laid out before them. My dad has owned a general construction company  for more than 25 years.  He builds beautiful homes that I am […]

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Born to a Computer

One of the reasons that Millennials stand out so much to other generations is because they are very technologically savvy.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t typically come across as an admirable quality.  If you are technologically savvy, then you must also be rude, unable to focus, and nonsocial.  Of course this isn’t true, but that is how […]

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Do Millennials Lack Grit?

It was brought to my attention by a reader that a common critique of Millennials is that they lack grit.  Obviously this falls inline with us being entitled, lazy and selfish. However do we truly lack grit? I took Angela Duckworth’s  Grit Scale test and scored a 4.8 out of 5.  In other words, I’m almost […]

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