Brand Loyalty

I recently had someone tell me that Hobby Lobby has their October and Thanksgiving decorations out, to which I wasn’t overly enthused.  I don’t shop at Hobby Lobby for political reasons. I also don’t shop at Walmart, Chick-Fil-a or a few other brands.  I don’t push my beliefs on anyone I just choose not to […]

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My Gen X-er

I have dated many Millennials in the past ten years and I always knew that I would end up with a Gen X-er or a Xennial.   Spoiler Alert: I did. I love the Millennial generation and I think of myself as a quint-essential Millennial, however, I always needed something to balance that out.  Our […]

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The Millennial and The CXO

Business Plan CommunicationIt’s first important for me to say that this blog is purely speculative and I have no statistics to back it up…yet. The role of Chief Experience Office (CXO) has grow more and more popular with companies over the past few decades and I feel that this is a direct result of the Millennial population coming of age.

If you don’t know what a CXO is, the position is based around improving the lives of a companies customers. These customers include actual customers as well as the internal relationships such as employees, vendors and suppliers.  Millennials are driving the need for these types of positions because we, the Millennials, are more persistent about what we want.

Millennials may be called entitled, but we are driving change, and the industries and companies that do not meet Millennials needs are not doing well and will continue to not do well since Millennials are one of the largest buying powers around the globe and being as Gen Z is very similar to Millennials, these changes will continue.

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Simon Sinek, in an interview with IQ Millennial Question, explains exactly what it wrong with the Millennial generation.  We have heard it all before, so this interview may not seem like anything new, but I highly encourage you to watch it, in particular if you ARE a Millennial.   I highly agree with Simon and his […]

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To Spend or Not To Spend

There is an ever increasing trend of Millennials being blamed for “killing” brands, companies, and even entire sports.  College Humor has ranked every murder committed by Millennials and why this might be happening, but more seriously, this is another disparaging tact being taken to bully our generation into self deprecation.  One of the industries that we are currently torturing and murdering is home ownership.

Tim Gurner, an Australian millionaire, has recently given the advice to Millennials that if they didn’t buy avocado toast and $4 coffee, go to sporting events and social outings, we would be able to buy our first home.  While this is a dream of mine, because I am married to Auburn, CA for the next twelve years, I can see why owning a hold sounds horrible to other Millennials.


The perfect Avocado Toast from Cooking Light for here


Our generation is the first generation to enter the working world with an ever growing amount of “work from wherever” jobs.  We don’t want to be tied to one area for a long period of time and we don’t see the point in creating a long lasting debt for a home that is over priced, especially in California, and will limit ability to roam.

I think that the most important take away from this idea of homeownership is that it is cyclical. If we travel and move, there is a good chance that our children will want the roots that we didn’t provide to them.  Either way, we, the millennials, have to understand that older generations wanted to own a home because they needed that stability, and older generations have to understand that stability in one area is the last thing that we want.

For future comparisons of Millennials and other generations follow We, the Millennials.

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